Best Augmented Reality Games 2018 for IOS

Augmented Reality is the next big jump in user interface technology. After Virtual Reality became mainstream, the curiosity about Augmented Reality (AR) has gone up, because AR is expected to be more user-friendly, simpler to use and safer than virtual reality.

Augmented Reality already has multiple versions of the technology being implemented in different industries.

Augmented Reality will be used in hundreds of different types of industries and will be market than VR. Gaming is just one of the applications. Some forms of AR are already available in the market. In most cases, the current games don’t even need any specialised hardware to play. It is available to most people with a smartphone.

 Here is a list of best Augmented Reality Games for IOS.

  1. Pokemon GO

 Pokemon GO was not the first AR game to be released. But, it is one of the most popular games in the world and it can be played on most smartphones. It is a geo-location based game where people search, catch and even fight with Pokemon using a real-world background as the surrounding. It successfully converted even non-gamers into hardcore addicts in no time

  1. Geo AR

 Want to change your current location into a fairy tale, install Geo AR and you can do it right away. You can become a prince or a princess or anything else you want to be, using this game. It is very popular among both adults and children because it lets you play with your fantasy.

  1. Project Tango

 Ever wonder how that new sofa set would look in your house? With project tango, you can re-imagine any object in different places.

  1. Temple Treasure Hunt

 If you love mystery and mythology, this is a fantastic game to try. You can either be a temple protector or a treasure hunter. If you are a protector, you get to create treasure trails and if you are the hunter, you get to discover new treasures based on the clues. The whole set up can be based on real-world locations which makes it even more exciting.

  1. Real Strike

 This is an incredible shooting game. You get choose from 25 different types of weapons and fight in a realistic looking environment. The big plus of this game is that you can record fights and create videos and show your friends.

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