Best Augmented Reality Games 2018 for IOS

Augmented Reality is the next big jump in user interface technology. After Virtual Reality became mainstream, the curiosity about Augmented Reality (AR) has gone up, because AR is expected to be more user-friendly, simpler to use and safer than virtual reality.

Augmented Reality already has multiple versions of the technology being implemented in different industries.

Augmented Reality will be used in hundreds of different types of industries and will be Read More …

Google Daydream: What does it do? What devices support it?

 Google Daydream is the search giant’s premium VR headset that can help you see the virtual world in an immersive way.  A few years ago, Google released Cardboard, an inexpensive VR headset that anybody with a  smartphone could afford. At $20, Cardboard was a no-brainer purchase.

 Later, they released a more premium headset called Google Daydream to provide a higher Read More …

VR games that don’t need controllers

Virtual Reality Games are now within everyone’s reach. You can get hooked on this new addition for less than $20. All you need is a decent VR headset and your smartphone and you are ready to explore the Matrix-like simulated world. While there are more expensive headsets with dozens of sensors and controllers, you don’t need all of that to enjoy VR.

 Here are a couple of games you can play using just a VR headset and your smartphone. Read More …